About GIST

Research proves that students learn best when material is presented to them in an organized, understandable manner stressing critical concepts. For more than 20 years, instructors have used the Content Enhancement Routines, based on research done at the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, to structure course content for presentation to diverse classrooms, with dramatic results. However, until now using Content Enhancement in your classroom required working with pencils, paper, and overhead projectors, or cumbersome software not designed for structured instruction. As instructors worked with learners to develop CE devices, information quickly became jumbled and messy. As students and teachers became more tech-savvy, they realized there had to be a better way to develop neat content organizers without compromising the standards of the CE routines. Enter GIST. GIST is designed from the ground up for use in classrooms incorporating the Content Enhancement Routines. Developed with the KU-CRL, GIST offers a robust tool set for educators to create and present CE devices with diverse learners, teaching critical content to all. Start with a research-proven Content Enhancement device template. Add your own content. Link to websites, multimedia, and other GIST files to present robust, dynamic material to your class. Need a starting point? Link to the KU-CRL’s Content Enhancement resource site for ideas and inspiration, or visit our support page for tips and tricks on using GIST in your classroom.