Common Questions & Answers on Licensing, Subscriptions, Versions and Updates on GIST Software and GIST Mobile

1. Do all versions of GISTv2 post/publish to GIST Mobile?  

No, only GIST version 2.2.1071514 or later post/publishes to GIST Mobile.  Users that have a GISTv2 license can upgrade to a version that publishes/posts by going to the 'My Downloads' section of their account.

2. Do I have to purchase a new GIST license if I want to go from GISTv1 to GISTv2?  

Yes, you will have to purchase the GISTv2 at an upgrade price which is significantly less expense than purchasing the product as a new customer.  Here is a link to the GISTv 2 upgrade general pricing -  Note, SIM Professional Developers can upgrade from GISTv1 to GISTv2 for a price of $24.99.

3. What is the difference between a GIST Mobile Instructor account and a GIST Mobile Student Account?

GIST Mobile Instructor accounts controls courses for GIST Mobile Student Accounts.  The instructor account recieves the course from GIST software.  The instructor account adds students and can view student inputs.  A GIST Mobile student account can view and work in the course that the Instructor has shared.

4. How does a GISTv2 Software License work with a GIST Mobile Subscription?

GISTv2 software is sold as a multi-user license and can be dowloaded on any computer that the user works on including school, personal laptop and home comptuers(PC or MAC).  The computer software publishes interactive courses to GIST Mobile which can be used by teachers and students.  GIST Mobile is sold on a yearly subscription basis and can be acessed on any web connected device including IPads, Tablets, Chromebooks, computers and smart phones.