Course, Unit and Lesson Organzier Routines significantly helps Students with Learning Disabilites.

The Course, Unit and Lesson Organizing Routines, found in GIST, asks teachers to target and organize instruction with the use of content mapping and developing critical questions. A study done using 30 high school students with learning disabilities was done to determine the effectiveness of three approaches to organizing and presenting content. The three approaches there were compared were graphic organizer based content mapping guide to instruction, critical questions to guide instruction and simple verbal supports and repetition of critical information. The study found that the average post-test score for the curriculum map intervention was - 8.07. The average score for the guiding question intervention was 6.43 and for the traditional periodic review intervention is - 3.27. Findings from the study reveled that students did significantly better when they participated in the curriculum map intervention over the other two interventions, guiding questions and traditional periodic review. Further, the study also found that students did much better when they participated in the guiding questions intervention compared to the traditional periodic review intervention.

Bulgren, J.A. & Lenz, B.K.(2011) Description and Review of the Research Evidence on the Implementation and Effects of Content Enhancement Routines (CER) on Student Learning in Secondary Content Classrooms (p5) Center for Research on Learning, University of KS, Lawrence & SRI International Menlo Park, CA.