GIST v 2 - Install Trouble Shooting/Info Guide

GIST & Java

GIST version 2.0 was written in Java code. Java is a runtime environment that is, in most
cases, always running. To update to the latest version of Java runtime, go to the Control
Panel and select the Java icon to open it. This will open the Java Control Panel which
will allow a user to view which version of Java they are currently using. The Control
Panel will also allow users to update to a more recent version of Java. GIST version 2
requires that user have Java 6 or later in order to operate properly. If a user doesn’t have
a version of Java 6 or later, they can download and install an update version from the
Java website.

GIST/.cet files in both versions of GIST

The GIST.jar is the executable that opens the GIST version 2 program. GIST version 1
opens with a GIST.exe – executable. Both GIST version 1 and GIST version 2 will open
GIST/.cet files. Both software versions, GIST version 1 and GIST version 2, can be open
at the same time. If a user decides to keep both versions of the software on his or her
computer, know that the GIST/.cet file type will automatically associate with one version
or the other. For example, if you have a GIST/.cet file on your desktop and you open that
file, only one version of the GIST software will open, either version 1 or version 2, not

Uninstall GIST version 1

To uninstall GIST version 1(most versions), go to the ‘Start Menu’ then to the ‘All
Programs’ option and find the GIST folder. In the GIST folder there should be an icon
labeled ‘Uninstall GIST’ which will launch the uninstall menu wizard. Run the
uninstaller and the GIST version 1 program will be taken off the computer. Please note,
this will not change any of a user’s GIST/.cet files.
If the uninstaller for any reason can not be found in the ‘All Programs’ folder, please go
to the following folder C:\Program Files\GIST and find the Uninstall GIST Icon called

Finding GIST/.cet files

GIST version 2 automatically creates a folder, if one is not already there from version 1,
called ‘My Organizers’. The ‘My Organizers’ folder by default is the folder that appears
in the Portfolio section of the GIST application. GIST/.cet files might be located in other
areas outside of the My Organizers folder such desktop or a documents folder. Users can
search for GIST/.cet files by going to the Start menu and doing a Search by Document or
by Files and Folders. Then, type in the file type ‘.cet’ in the search field and then hit
‘Search’ button. This search should bring up all the .cet files on the computer. Change
your search view to include the folder location by going to the ‘View’ drop menu and
selecting ‘Details’.