What is GIST?

Graphic Interactive System for Teaching (GIST) is a software program that allows teachers to create, store, redesign, share, present and plan for their instruction in the classroom. Research has shown that teachers who critically think about the most important information they teach and who can effectively highlight that information during instruction will see better achievement from their students. GIST is a tool that helps teachers focus on the most important content but also highlights that content so students get the most out of instruction.

GIST also helps teachers provide a framework for their instruction. Research has shown that by providing a framework or base that is continually referenced to build new ideas gives students a point of reference that can reduce anxiety and other uncomfortable feelings associated with newness. Within the instructional framework GIST allows teachers to reach all types of learning styles. Research has also shown that students have varying learning styles and that by adapting instruction to reach all the different types of styles such as audio and visual will result in increased comprehension and achievement. Teachers can adapt and design their instruction through GIST to present sound bites, video clips, pictures, essays, spread sheets which allows for a more comprehensive learning environment.

GIST helps teachers get and stay organized. Teachers that are organized and on top of their material are much more likely to succeed in reaching their students then those teachers that are not organized. GIST helps teachers plan and organize their classroom content through folders, linking and layering which makes for more efficient planning time and better instruction. More specifically, GIST allows teachers to get organized by letting the instructor save organizers, routines and other material in folders that are easy to access.

GIST helps facilitate meaningful dialogue between all parties that have an interest in a student’s learning. Tools that help teachers clearly set up expectations and tools that clearly show previous instruction taught for the use of family, tutors, administration, and other interested parties are important because it allows them to become actively involved in the progress of that students learning. This in turn creates a point of dialogue where all involved parties can communicate on the same material and take steps to work together on the progress of that student. Through GIST routines and organizers, teachers can show virtually every aspect of their instruction and easily share it with all involved parties. This in turn brings accountability to all the parties involved in the students learning and helps illicit a quicker overall response to struggles with particular subject matter.

GIST helps deepen a meaningful learning experience. Studies have shown that when a positive learning experience has occurred a reciprocal bond of trust and satisfaction is instilled between the parties. Positive outcomes encourage and motivate the parties involved to continue to strive for success. GIST helps create a meaningful experience by giving teachers the research based tools to succeed in the classroom and allowing for more positive outcomes. While also helping teachers easily adapt material and instruction in a way that is effective for the needs of those particular students. Many types of instruction in the classroom today are repetitive and the material does not impact the students because they either can’t relate or they are overwhelmed and unclear. GIST helps teacher’s combat learning issues by applying effective research strategies in the design of its programming. Once these teachers have success and the students are reached the learning environment has depth and teachers are more fulfilled with their work.

GIST coordinates curriculum across schools, subjects, districts and states. Increased focus on school and district test scores have realigned the goals of the classroom to focus on instruction with measurable objectives that will show improvement towards state standards. GIST allows administration, curriculum developers and teachers to work together to clearly define and develop instruction that will most effectively fit the objectives of the state standards. GIST organizers and routines help teachers create and share curriculum material in explicit fashion and can demonstrate weighted instruction in key areas. Curriculum coordinators and administrators can then evaluate, discuss and help teachers revise their instruction to align with testing criteria. GIST also gives teachers the capability to share and develop their work with educators across the country. This shapes ideas for material and show different ways to teach content that positively challenges teachers to design more effective and intuitive instruction.