Content Enhancement Templates Original Bundle (16) (00051)

Content Enhancement Templates Bundle of 16. Content Enhancement Templates Bundle which includes 6 Concept Mastery Templates, 2 Concept Comparison Templates, 2 Concept Anchoring Templates, 2 Clarifying Templates and 4 Question Exploration Templates. All 16 templates are in one installer.

The Concept Mastery Routine is used to define, summarize, and explain a major concept and where it fits within a larger body of knowledge.

The Concept Anchoring Routine is used to introduce and anchor a new concept to a concept that is already familiar.

The Concept Comparison Routine is used help compare and contrast key concepts. Teachers use like and unlike characteristics and categories in the Concept Comparison Routine interactively to better understand the overall concept.

Question Exploration Routine is used to graphically depict the key elements involved in answering a Critical Question.

The Clarifying Routine is used to focus on a topic and then explore related details and their importance to the critical ideas and concepts. Using this routine, teachers can help students master the meaning of targeted words and phrases.

See examples of the different templates in this Content Enhancement Templates Original Bundle in the screen shots below.

These Content Enhancement templates by default are installed in the Templates folder of GIST. Please note, in order to use and open these templates you must first have a version of the GIST software installed on the computer.

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