Frame Routine (Bundle of 15) (00065)

The Framing Routine is used to transform abstract main ideas and key topics into a concrete representation that helps students think and talk about the key topic and essential related information.

This is a bundle of 15 different Frame Routine Templates which includes Hierarchic Main Idea Box Frame, Hierarchic 1 Main Idea, Hierarchic 2 Main Ideas, Hierarchic 3 Main Ideas Box, Hierarchic 3 Main Ideas Box, Hierarchic 3 Main Ideas Side-Ideas, Hierarchic 4 Main Ideas, Hierarchic 4 Main Ideas Box Frame, Hierarchic 5 Main Ideas Side-Ideas, Hierarchic 6 Main Ideas, Hierarchic 6 Main Ideas Box, Hierarchic 8 Main Ideas, Hierarchic 8 Main Ideas Box Frame, Hierarchic 8 Main Ideas Side-Ideas, Hierarchic Side-Ideas Frame. See Examples Below

These Content Enhancement templates by default are installed in the Templates folder of GIST. Please note, in order to use and open these templates you must first have a version of the GIST software installed on the computer.

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  • Hierarchic%208%20main%20ideas%20box
  • Hierarchic%208%20main%20ideas%20side-ideas
  • Hierarchic%203%20main%20ideas%20box
  • Hierarchic%203%20main%20ideas%20hexagon
  • Hierarchic%203%20main%20ideas%20side%20ideas
  • Hierarchic%205%20side-ideas%20frame
  • Hierarchic%206%20main%20ideas
  • Hierarchic%208%20main%20ideas