Course Organizer by Section (00080)

Course Organizer by Section is a GIST file with 7 tabs for for the different sections of the device. The sections include Course is About, Course Questions, Course Standards, Critical Concepts, Units, Community Principles, Learning Rituals and Performance Options. The product number for Course Organizer by Section is 00080.

These Content Enhancement templates by default are installed in the Templates folder of GIST. Please note, in order to use and open these templates you must first have a version of the GIST software installed on the computer.



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  • 1%20course%20is%20about
  • 2%20course%20questions
  • 3%20course%20standards
  • 4%20critical%20concepts
  • 5%20units
  • 6&7community%20principles%20and%20learning%20rituals
  • 8%20performance%20options
  • Course%20organizer%20tab%20by%20section