Classify & Relate (12) - Strategic Enhancer Templates (00101)

Classify & Relate Templates Package(12 Templates total) of the Strategic Enhancers Package. This is part of Wave 1 which contains templates dealing with Knowledge, Comprehension & Analysis.

There are five file variations(12 Templates) total in this package which include (1) Concept Characteristics & Examples, (2) Concept Web, (3) Hierarchies, (4) Main Idea & Details and (5) Part-to-Whole Relationships. The Relationship Hierarchy Templates has three tab options. The Main Idea and Details templates has three tab options. The Part-to-Whole Relationships has 4 tab options giving users a total of 12 separate variations.

The product number for Classify & Relate Strategic Enhancers Templates is 00101.

The Strategic Enhancer templates are installed by default to the Templates folder in the GIST Software. Please note, in order to use and open these templates you must first have a version of the GIST software installed on the computer.



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  • Concept%20web
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  • Relationship%20hierarchy
  • Reltionship%20hierarchy%202
  • Reltionship%20hierarchy%203
  • Part-with-whole
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  • Part%20outside%20whole
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