English/Language Arts Content Enhancement Supplement Manual (Digital) (00253)

Enhancing Content Enhancement: Discipline-Specific Supplements for the Content Enhancement Series Filled with research from the field and well-designed examples, these supplements will help content teachers make the most of Content Enhancement. The Discipline-Specific Supplements are designed to complement the Strategic Instruction Model Content Enhancement guidebooks. These books provide SIM professional developers and content teachers valuable information and materials to support the Content Enhancement Routines. ** -The Digital Supplement can be accessed from the gistplan.com website under the 'Digital Manuals' menu and as a Adobe Flash E-book product. The 'Digital Manuals' menu will appear on the GIST website once a user is logged into their account. To access the Digital Supplements on a PC or MAC as through Adobe Flash, a user will need to go to the 'Products' section to download and install the Supplement onto a location on their computer(Desktop, Documents or My Organizers). Once installed, the Digital Supplement will appear as an icon in the location that the user installed it.

Supplements have been created to support the four major core content areas: math, social studies, science, and English/language arts. These content-specific materials and examples include the following:

* Lists of courses and information about the kinds of courses typically offered in the given content area
* National standards for the content area
* Concepts ? big ideas ? from the content area
* Information about text structure, knowledge structures, and ways of thinking for the content area
* Examples of integrated courses and units with Content Enhancement devices created and vetted by content teachers
* Information about assessment and examples of assessments (tests, projects, and other types of assessments) that would demonstrate student knowledge.

In addition to the manual, a promotion code which give users access to a free 120-day trial version of GIST Software which includes the completed CE devices in both GIST(.cet) and PDF file formats.



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