GISTv2 with Course and Unit Builders Upgrade - (GIST version 1 necessary for upgrade price) (00021)

GIST 2.0 Upgrade. License of GIST version 1 necessary for upgrade price. Note, SIM Professional Developers get a special GIST 2.0 upgrade price of $24.99 if they email asking for the promotion. GIST has been re-written to better accommodate teachers to deliver evidence-based instruction leading to improvement on high-stakes assessments and overall learning.

GISTv2 with Unit Builder, Course Builder, Publishing and Student Inputs is currently available for PC and MAC.
While keeping many of the program’s popular and useful aspects. GISTv2 with Course Builder and Unit Bilder has improved its user functionality and technological compatibility with other systems. GIST 2 with CB and UB Improvements Include:

GIST 2 Improvements Include:
- Unit Guide
- Unit Expansion in Course Tab
- Publishing to GIST Mobile
- Creation of Student Inputs
• Network Version
• Course Builder
• Course Tab
• Math & Science Symbols
• Spell Check
• GIST Zip files (.CTZ)
• Impoved Linking Options
• Changing Portfolio Folder

Course Builder

The Course Builder takes teachers through each section of the Course Organizer Routine. The builder menu assists teachers with prompts, guidelines and examples of each course section. Once the builder sections are completed, the Course Organizer Template is populated and corresponding Question, Concept and Unit Organizer Routine Templates are generated, populated and linked.

Unit Builder

The Unit Builder takes users through sections of the Unit Organizer Routine Template and is accompanied for reference by the Unit Guide. After a teacher types in and makes content decisions in the different Unit section , the Unit Builder will create, link and populate corresponding files and text. The Unit Build, which consists of Content Enhancement files and other resource files, can then be added to and manipulated in the Unit section of the Course Tab. Teachers can then make the Units available to Students for presentation and co-creation via GIST Mobile.

Course Tab

Specially designed section in GIST v2 that allows teachers to develop and change the most important sections of a Content Enhancement Course including Critical Questions, Critical Concepts , Units and more.

Student Inputs

Allows teachers to notate text fields in GIST software and then when published allows students to type text in GIST Mobile in order to take notes, co-create and provide feedback.

GIST Publishing

Teachers can publish their GIST Course into GIST Mobile for Teacher and Student use on IPADs, Tablets, Chromebooks and other web devices.



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