GIST Mobile Subscription (00010)

1-year subscription to GIST Mobile located at The GIST Mobile version allows teachers with GISTv2 to publish their Courses to GIST Mobile. Teachers can distribute their Content Enhancement Course to students that have web connected devices including IPADs, Tablets, Chromebooks, computers and smartphones.

1 year GIST Mobile subscription at Student can use GIST mobile on their devices to co-create, take notes, answer questions, obtain assignments, navigate, give input and participate while the teacher provides instruction.

Teachers can monitor a student’s work and particpation by viewing their course account in real time. Teachers can share their work with all parties invested in the student’s learning including parents, curriculum developers, school support staff and tutors.

How GIST Mobile Works

The most recent version of GISTv2 with Course Builder (software) creates and designs Content Enhancement Courses. The GISTv2 software posts the Content Enhancement Course to GIST mobile accounts.
Teachers distribute or give students access to their Content Enhancement Courses at

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